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Carpet Stain Removal in Swindon

Quite often we attend customer’s homes where other Swindon carpet cleaners have made an attempt but failed to remove carpet stains in Swindon, leaving the customer with a problem and no solution to that problem. Usually they just tried applying every chemical they have in stock on the van, until finally giving up having made the stain much worse. Green 4 Carpet Cleaning in Swindon & upholstery cleaners in Swindon have years and years of training, knowledge and expertise to call upon when removing stains, so there really isn’t much we can’t get out of a carpet, and one thing’s for sure, if we can’t get a stain out, no-one can!

Carpet Stain Protection

Green 4 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning always advise all of our customers that the best way to protect carpet against stains that “typically” happen when the carpet is not stain protected is to apply protector in the form of resin which makes your carpet much less, or non-absorbent, which gives us far higher success when removing stains and marks that usually permanently damage carpets.

Difficult Carpet Stain Removal in Swindon

Sometimes we come across a stain that will never ever come out. Things like curry are extremely difficult to remove because it contains turmeric, some colourings used in drinks can dye a carpet, and pollen from flowers if not gently hoovered up immediately with no rubbing at all can be impossible to remove, but we have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to remove stains if they can be removed.

Carpet stain protection

If your carpet has been stain protected there’s a far higher chance that we will remove the stain. Having meticulously and methodically studied the science behind stain removal, we regularly remove stains where other carpet cleaners fail.

How to remove Stains From Carpet

We can also offer our customers advice on how to remove stains using every day products you may have in your home so give Green 4 carpet cleaning a call if you have a spill.

Free Carpet Stain Removal in Swindon

At Green 4 Carpeting & Upholstery in Swindon we reward our regular customers with free stain removals in between cleans to ensure that our customers carpets remain clean all year round. Please ask one of our friendly staff for full details when we come over to clean your carpets, rugs or upholstery.

A ‘heads up’ for our customers

Some carpet cleaning stain removers you can buy in shops, like Vanish, Shout and 1001 may contain brightening agents, which is bleach. Applying it to a stain will sometimes give the appearance that the stain has been removed, but you actually have to remove whatever was dropped or spilled on a carpet and is causing the stain, not just spray a stain remover on top of it.

You may soon discover that these stain removal products leave a sticky residue on your carpet that attracts dirt, so when using one of these products you may well find that the stain goes black over a period of weeks, this is because dirt is now sticking to the chemical residue.

Also because some products may contain brightening agents, bleach, when we come to professionally remove the attracted dirt and dust, usually a bleach mark is revealed.

Always follow the exact instruction on the bottle if you put a stain removal product on your carpet, if it says thoroughly extract and you do not have extraction equipment you may damage your carpet.

The bleach mark on carpet caused by brightening agents in lots of stain removal products can sometimes be reversed but in many cases it has actually removed the colour from the carpet.
If you’re ever unsure then always call us first.