Written by Ronnie Green, owner of Green 4 carpet cleaning Swindon.

It’s a fact that the most powerful carpet cleaning systems clean your carpets much better and leave your carpets much drier.

but how do you know if your carpet cleaner is using the most powerful carpet cleaning system?

It’s fairly straightforward really and does not require you to ask the carpet cleaner any questions.

If your current carpet cleaner is using a machine that plugs into your electric then you are not getting the best possible results. The most powerful cleaning systems get the power from an engine fuelled by petrol, diesel or lpg and are known as truck mount units, truck mount carpet cleaning machines can have as much as 20 times the cleaning power of the most powerful electric plug in machines they are self-contained and do not require power or water from your home.

The results when carpet cleaning with a truck mount in comparison to a plug in electric carpet cleaning machine are so great that the best way to explain it is this, it’s like watching a bicycle and a motorbike having a race.

Once a customer has experienced the results from truck mount carpet cleaning they never go back to a company that uses electric plug in machines.

And it’s also true that not all truck mounts are the same, some companies use little petrol powered machines that are still better than plug in machines but don’t produce anywhere near the same results as say a bigger diesel powered unit like the ones we use.